"My dog is fine unless another dog gets too close."
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"I'm worried that my dog's play style is too rough."
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"My dog loves to play but sometimes gets into squabbles."
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"My dog is fine around other dogs unless he is on-leash."
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"Help! My dog has zero recall as soon as they see another dog."
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Hi! I'm Jane

I help dog owners just like you to gain the freedom of stress-free walks.

Are you:

  • Always scanning for who else is around on walks?
  • Afraid to let your dog have contact with other dogs?
  • Worried that your dog picks on other dogs?
  • Having battles with other owners over your dog's behaviour?

I can help you through my:

  • Training programmes
  • Podcasts, videos and email coaching
  • Support via my facebook group and online 121 sessions
You've given me the confidence to recognise which dogs are suitable playmates. I no longer have run-ins with other owners and walks are a lot less stressful!
Adrian and Duke
Learning the facts about dog play has completely changed the way I look at my dog's social interactions!
Emma with Bella and Charlie
I used to dodge behind cars and trees to avoid other dogs! Being able to walk Barney normally has been life-changing.
Helen Simpson and Barney

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Guardians can feel nervous about growling, biting, chasing, fighting, and pinning. What’s really going on?

Dogs that have perfectly good play or social skills are often prevented from contact with other dogs.