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Confused, frustrated or worried by your dog's social behaviour?

Not sure where to start?

When you are struggling with your dog’s behaviour, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Everyone seems to have a different opinion about what you should do, and the internet is full of conflicting and confusing information.

My training and advice is grounded in the science of how dogs learn. I am also committed to using only force-free techniques. You can be assured that the methods that I advise work, and will never scare or harm your dog.

Identifying play and what to do when you aren't sure.

How to obtain help:

Tailor-made solutions for you and your dog are available via my Online One to One Video Consultations. You can learn more about these and how they work by clicking the button below.

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The Essentials!

What is the issue?

What is the issue?

Is your dog’s play too rough? Do they act like a lunatic when on-leash but are fine off-leash? Is their behaviour around other dogs unpredictable, or do they go ‘deaf’ as soon as they see another dog?

Who else is involved?

The human factor!

Sometimes our dog’s behaviour brings us into conflict with others. Understanding and knowing more about dog social behaviour can help prevent issues and calmly resolve any tensions that may arise.

Identifying your goals.

Identifying your goals.

Your aim might be that your dog will play with other dogs without getting into squabbles. Or, you might want to increase your confidence so that you are comfortable letting your dog have social interactions.

Help and Support!

Support along the way!

Caring for a dog with social issues can feel like a roller coaster ride! Having guidance from a professional, and support from others in a similar situation is often the difference between resolving the issue and giving up.

How do we fix it?

It’s important to accept that there’s rarely a quick fix.

We need a plan!

Success depends on engaging dogs in activities and interactions that meet their needs, as well as addressing the issue and your goals. Dogs and guardians will almost certainly need to develop some new knowledge and skills. 

The great news is that this can be fun and the benefits for you and your dog are huge!

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